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Deflector offers an option of using the deflector for windy days (including headwinds) and then removing it when not needed.
I added the Version 2 Wind Deflector and WOW!But overall I highly recommend this product.I probably should have taken it off for a ride last Sunday that was on a narrow forest road with lots of large pot holes.Another notice on shipping charges from Wunderlich - seems to high for such a small package.It allows my arms and body to feel the wind but my head is in a zone of no wind.I then tried different settings and WOW a big difference.I leave the metal mounting in place though because it is held on one side by double-sticky-sided foam tape which would be impractical to replace every time I remove or replace the mount.I was not sure what "angle" minimal deposit masterpoker99 to lock it at so had left it a little loose so it could be adjusted by hand during my first ride.I went to the BMW MOA Rally in Blooomsburg and took off the deflector to go play in the dirt.It accommodates my slightly larger touring windshield perfectly.I am rather tall so the air used to come off the top of the windshield right into my helmet.I often adjust while riding.The deflector and mount are made of high quality materials, well packaged, and with good instructions.This was a fantastic addition and the design and quality of the product is excellent.Im 6'2.5 inch seem.

Better to get a Laminar Lip.
Many people complained about the deflector/windscreen cracking during install and that's exactly what I experienced.