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"The Legend of Gasparilla: Myth and History on Florida's West Coast".
If the Ghost Crew should win, they not only keep the treasure, but get to decide which three of the remaining players would get the Black Spot for the Pirate 's Court, and there would be no Captain or Officers until the next expedition.Retrieved b Shopes, Rich.Should the Black Crew win, the rest of the game played out as normal.Episode 12: Ben: Cited planche roulette pour poussette red castle for his alleged mutinous plans against the captain, and being a possible threat.Episode 9: Kendra: Her lack of speed and general weakness."Gasparilla Parade Of Pirates route".Network Ten in, australia, and premiered on July 4, 2007.7 Should the Red team win, they elect a new Captain who will select two other crew members as the Officers.The ship itself is manned by the real crew of the Picton Castle, though the show contestants do assist with manning the sails and other tasks.In 1988, the Parade of Pirates was moved to the first Saturday in February to make it easier for residents of other communities to take part in the festivities.At the Pirates' Court, after the votes have been placed, the winning bid of the Pardon is announced, and the bid amount is paid to whoever currently holds the pardon.

While beads were not commonly thrown at the parade before the 1990s, many members of ymkg would fire six-shooters loaded with blanks into the air and toss the empty shells into the crowd.