Central bank savings rates

The Management Board: German Gref (chairman, president Maxim Poletaev, Lev Khasis, Oleg Ganeev, Bella Zlatkis, Stanislav Kuznetsov, Vadim Kulik, Alexander Morozov, Alexander Torbakhov, Yulia Chupina, and Alexander Bazarov.
A historically established wide regional network (nearly 17,500 units in 83 constituent entities of Russia, covering 11 time zones) contributes to the governance of poker banks success on the retail lending market.
The lenders minority shareholders are over 226,000 businesses and individuals, including foreign institutional investors that hold.68 of the banks shares.
Also in 2012, Sberbank closed the transaction to buy from French banking group BNP Paribas a majority interest in the latters subsidiary Russian retail bank (presently the JV operates as Cetelem Bank, with Sberbank holding a 74 stake).Also, the credit portfolio primarily consists of long-term loans (extended for 12M).You can prevent cookies from being stored in your browser settings.The DenizBank acquisition was wrapped up in September 2012, becoming the biggest purchase in more than 170 years of the banks history.Besides,.6 of the lenders assets are the securities portfolio (consisting mainly of bonds).The history of Sberbank of Russia dates back from the nominal decree of Russian Emperor Nicholas I of Russia dated 1841 about the establishment of savings banks, the first of which was opened in Saint Petersburg in 1842.On the assets side, the credit portfolio increased the most (6.5 since year-start 2017 while absolute growth of the retail credit portfolio (up Rub 406.1 bln) slightly lagged behind the corporate credit portfolio (a rise of Rub 552.5 bln).The bank both lends and borrows on the inter-bank lending market, offering and drawing excess liquidity on a monthly basis.Leadership positions in the banks liabilities traditionally fall to funds held on accounts and deposit accounts of households (48.3 of liabilities.Sberbank is serious about protecting personal data - read the terms and principles of data processing.Sberbank of Russia is a monopoly on the retail deposit market, commanding 46 of the market (the bulk of retail deposits falls to the so-called ruble pension deposit accounts).Cash and funds held on correspondent accounts (including at the Bank of Russia) form the core of high-liquidity assets and account for.4 of net assets.In 2012, Sberbank outran Bank Russian Standard, the former leader in the credit card segment.The banks headcount currently exceeds 325,000.It is noteworthy that in early 2002 the banks market share was equal.4.The bank also offers deposit products, settlement services, project, trade and export finance options, money management services and other primary banking products.The lender expanded its securities portfolio by nearly 20 (up Rub 399.3 bln).Sberbank of Russia serves all groups of corporate customers.In 2012, Sberbank closed the acquisition of investment company Troika Dialog (it was transformed into a corporate investment unit, Sberbank CIB, while retail lender Troika Dialog was sold to a group of private investors in the fall of 2013).The reading exceeded not only the year-ago indicator (Rub 429.8 bln but also FY16 net profit (Rub 517 bln).
The largest Russian lending institution runs three subsidiary banks in the CIS member states (Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus) and three subsidiaries in Europe rkdeo loterij uitslag 2017 (Sberbank Europe AG, headquartered in Austria (established on the basis of Volksbank International AG, which Sberbank acquired in 2012, the bank operates.
Further shrinkage of the market share controlled by Sberbank has in no small measure been driven by the deposit insurance system and increases in insurance indemnity amounts.