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Not to mention, with every completed order (doesn't matter if its a customer or board order you will earn a small amount of reputation with that particular in-game character.6 Hs 21 Ms ago Clicks 7 Can you lend me an extra Powder?7 Hs 54 Ms ago Clicks 8 Kannst du mir zusätzlich Pulver leihen?Honestly, every part of this game is an eye-candy, thats for sure!The only downside to queuing orders is that you are unable to cancel a queued item.6 Hs 13 Ms ago Clicks 7 Peux-tu m'envoyer Pince à Salade?10 Hs 24 Ms ago Clicks 5 Can you lend me an extra Powder?9 Hs 25 Ms ago Clicks 12 New Record for Fishing!Its a pretty sweet deal!If players are not interested in your offer, have no worries!9 Hs 33 Ms ago Clicks 12 Pode me emprestar um pouco de Carretel?4 Hs 55 Ms ago Clicks 7 Me prestas Azucarero?8 Hs 19 Ms ago Clicks 9 Peux-tu m'envoyer Fuseau?6 Hs 58 Ms ago Clicks 8 Help Clear It!From the Lucky Wheel, which changes prizes randomly each day.Customer orders and board orders do differ slightly.1 H 28 Ss ago, clicks 2, happy Acres 1 H 38 Ss ago.Customer orders also give you a slightly better reward than board orders.Thus, if you need to purchase any farm goods, you can just go and grab the newspaper to see the items that are listed for sale along with their prices.This means the farm that they have been tending to is being passed on to (who else?) Sam herself!
They mainly communicate and share ideas or help requests at Happy Acres forums.

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There are also fun quests, orders as well as masteries that you can complete to gain extra experience points and money.