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The latter parameter is known at this web site as number pairing.
That represents 57 of all cases when the roulette number 0 hit.
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I am not sure they perform pairing analysis because I have not given anybody my specialized roulette software.The discrepancy should have been two times wider to turn into suspicious bias;.g.Wizard of Odds Had gratis geld verdienen op internet High Praise For Ion Saliu's Gambling Theory.Roulette number 1 was followed by roulette #29 in the very next spin 5 times in 1968 spins.I included two statistical reports based on real casino roulette spins.If there is such a thing as the wheel jouer blackjack en ligne gratuit bias, then a few roulette numbers will be drawn significantly more often than the other numbers.Google translates Spielbank as gaming house ; that is, casino, kasino.I doubt that the casinos will make their roulette databases available again!The bias against an immediate roulette number repeat is less pronounced in random generation of roulette spins.Roulette Number: 21 Hits: 45 (.3 ) With Hits: Pairs total: 45 Roulette Number: 22 Hits: 46 (.3 ) With Hits: Pairs total: 46 Roulette Number: 23 Hits: 57 (.9 ) With Hits: Pairs total: 57 Roulette Number: 24 Hits: 40 (.It comes down to playing only the top pairings of each spin and winning 50 of the time!They do sometimes then they remove the links!Roulette number 1 was followed by itself (1 again) in the very next draw (spin) once in 1968 spins.The casinos always analyze the roulette spins and look for possible biases due to wear.There are 37 roulette numbers in the single-zero game (as in Hamburg, Germany).I noticed, however, that a repeat is less frequent than a heterogeneous pairing.They say, in various languages: "Ion Saliu scared the hell out of us sinos." p4 p, wish them in your best language: "Requiescat in pace!" "Rest in peace!".That would be 12 units net win in two spins; or an average of 6 units in net profit in every spin!I downloaded the results for one table or wheel 1) for the entire month of January 2006.The file contains roulette numbers (spins) only, one number per line.

They followed roulette number 0 in the next spin a total of 35 times out of 61 hits.
I no longer offer links in clickable format, as they change way too often (especially after I write a successful material!) p4, hTML title: "Spielbank Hamburg - Real Game.