Sammy farha poker after dark

sammy farha poker after dark

The flop comes Qs-9d-6d and suddenly players seem to quiet down and get serious about the roulette douche modulacolor hand.
The game is once again No-Limit Holdem with blinds of 300/600 and a 100 ante.It turns out the players are holding: Farha: 9s-6c (Two pair brunson: Qc-10c (Top pair).Summary, the hand ends up essentially being a push.He even geant casino impression photo offers to get Brunson a drink at one point.Farha is a massive 70 percent favorite to beat Brunson by the river.It turns out that Farha isnt messing around and shoves all-in for a total of 53,000.World Series of Poker.Use the code sent to your email to activate your free preview now.Enter your email address below to start your free preview of PokerGO.Brunson makes the call but Farha announces a raise.Subscribe now to finish watching.
The Beirut-born poker pro just oozes charisma as he ends up being one of the most talkative players at the table and one of the most successful.

Just make sure you and your opponent agree to run it twice before the dealer puts out the rest of the board.
Each player receives about 64,000, which includes some extra cash for both of them mostly thanks to Negreanu (who had pocket jacks).
High Stakes Poker have been uploaded to and are absolutely worth checking out if you have any interest in poker at all.