Skyrim requiem races bonus

skyrim requiem races bonus

Without at least one perk in Alchemy, your nya netent casino 2017 no deposit character's self made potions will be very weak.
Redguards : 75 disease resistance, 75 poison resistance, Adrenaline Rush lasts 30 seconds, regenerates stamina even faster, slows down time slightly and protects ah bonus volgende week from paralysis, 20 reduced power attack cost, Skill Rates 15: Onehanded, Skill Rates 5: Block, Archery, Smithing, Destruction, Alteration).
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Generally nothing else will be touched.Modification permission You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files to improve.Khajiit : Night Eye is toggable, higher claw damage (25 15 speed bonus, Strong Stomach, reduced Falling damage, can pick Novice Locks without any training/bonuses, Skill Rates 10: All skills related to the Thief pattern, 15 more expensive spell casting costs.Orsimer : Strong Stomach, Berserk lasts 30 seconds but also increases stamina greatly, 35 reduced power attack cost, Skill Rates 10: All of the Warrior pattern, except Archery.Starting max unmodified weight is reduced to between 85 and 125 units, depending on your chosen race.Ashen by Seren4XX m/skyrim/mods/8583/?This mod page is dedicated to solving compatibility issues with Requiem and custom races.Nord : "The Dragon Within" allows to shout 5 seconds without triggering cooldowns, 50 frost resistance, 25 shock resistance, 25 reduced power attack cost, Skill Rates 10: Twohanded, Smithing, Skill Rates 5: Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Block, Onehanded.Magic MaTera by Charismoon m/skyrim/mods/30673/?Predators - The Lost Tribes by roland113 m/skyrim/mods/24543/?MaTera by Charismoon m/skyrim/mods/23170/?If you want a patch for any other race that you can't find here, just write a comment and I'll see what can be done.Hopefully Requiem's SkyProc patcher can take care of that.
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Battle MaTera by Charismoon m/skyrim/mods/26642/?
Uchiha Clan by esu_riddick m/skyrim/mods/51136/?
Bosmer : 75 disease resistance, Strong Stomach, Cannibalism (certain enemies drop special "Strange Meat 15 increased power attack cost, Skill Rates 15: Archery, Skill Rates 5: Sneak, Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, Light Armor, Alchemy.